Northern Shandy, $6
Greenport Harbor summer ale, lemon-lime seltzer

The Cooler, $8
Gruner Veltliner, dry vermouth, cucumber, mint, lime

Alfonso, $7
St. Vincent Brut, Dubonnet rouge, Angostura bitters, sugarcube, twist

Salvadoran Fence, $10
Jalapeno infused Lillet blanc, Punt e Mes, watermelon, basil, lime, Angostura bitters

East River Defense, $9
Lustau Manzanilla sherry, lemon, Scrappy’s grapefruit bitters, sea salt

Spy Cup, $9
Sweet and dry vermouths, Dubonnet Rouge, ginger wine, fresh ginger, lime, honey, Angostura & Scrappy’s celery bitters


$8 each

Lillet Blanc
Punt e Mes
Bonal Gentiane-Quina
Cocchi Americano
Vergano Americano

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