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Eat Your Veggies II

Inspired by last year’s fair-and-balanced homage to our roasted carrot dish in the New York Post (because a Post take-down is a badge of honor), and of course by the peak of the summer growing season, we’re doubling down on the plant kingdom. In a mere two weeks, we will host our second ever Eat Your Veggies Dinner. To up the challenge and broaden our own imagination, this menu will be entirely plant-based — no dairy, no meat, no eggs, nothing at all that doesn’t come from vegetables, fruits, fungi, and grains. In popular terms, a vegan tasting menu. So we invite all of you to join us for this special and unique dinner. Reservations can be made here. Continue reading below to see the full menu.

Eat Your Veggies II

Thursday, August 22nd
Six courses, $60
Drink pairings, $20

Tartare of smoked beets, blackberries, and sorrel

Freekeh dashi with wild mushrooms, yuba, and seaweed

Charred pole bean and sweet red pepper salad

Eggplant “chorizo” with summer herbs and toast

Roasted summer squash with tomato gravy

Vanilla and bay leaf panna cotta with pears and cherries

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