Cider Week 2012

The Cider Dinner

Starting next Friday, we’ll join a couple hundred area restaurants, bars, markets, and stores for Cider Week, in which we’ll put cider back in its rightful place of honor on American tables. From October 12 to 20, we’ll be pouring a number of choice ciders from New York State and farther afield, and bringing back some of our favorite apple drinks.

And on October 17, we hope that you’ll join us for The Cider Dinner, a five-course feast of dishes inspired by this ambitious effort of cider revivalism. Click through to see the menu.Seats for this dinner will be offered through our online reservations and must be secured with a credit card (please read our full reservations policy here). If you have any questions about the menu, please email us at As always, we will aim to accommodate certain dietary restrictions but cannot guarantee the ability to do so.

The Cider Dinner
Wednesday, October 17
Five-course menu: $50
scallop, ginger, brussels sprouts
Celery root
pumpernickle, oats, egg yolk
Battenkill pork
cabbage, mustard, cippolini
Mount Alice cheese
fennel, pear, chestnut, sage
Cinnamon doughnut
apples, caramel, walnut crunch
Cider Pairings: $20
Eve’s Cidery, Ithaca NY
Northern Spy Cider
Albee Hill Dry Still Cider
Essence Ice Cider

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