Sum-sum-summertime news…


Summer’s finally here and that means happy days at Northern Spy. First, we may rap whaxodic about ramps and fiddleheads, but summer produce is what we all swoon for and it’s about to burst on the scene — berries, peaches, tomatoes, eggplant, green beans, peppers, and on and on. Prepare for the season of scorpacciata. Second, our cold-brewed New Orleans-style ice coffee is the best in the East Village and will put the glide in your stride and the dip in your hip through the hot summer days. Drop in for a glass and you’ll walk out buzzing. Third, immediately after Memorial Day we’re starting the Tuesday Tipple, with our famous Spy Cup at half-price for the entire summer. Slip on the Docksiders and madras shorts and come get your tipple on every Tuesday. Lastly, there is high probability of a tasty beer dinner in mid-June. Stay tuned to WSPY for details.

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