Fall is a ball…


If there’s a season when New Yorkers best express their true natures, it’s fall. The season is built around industrious hustling. Our best outfits are fall outfits. We love pork, apples, cheese, and beer. There’s a brisk energy before the doldrums of winter that gooses our raison d’être. As a natural consequence, fall is filled with special events and dinners at Northern Spy. Just in the month of October, we’ve got No Goat Left Behind (aka #goatober, #eatmoregoat), Cider Week, and our own Third Annual Cider Dinner. After that, we’ll start letting you know about our plans for Thanksgiving (we’ll be open and here’s last year’s for a probable preview), Christmas and New Year’s Eve (ditto and again for both of those…). So make plans, chose your smartest duds, and conserve your energy. We’ve got a long way to go ’til January and you can sleep then.

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